American Football, Bourbon, D. C. Scandals, GOP Politics, and the Brazilian Real.

Well, football is already in the air…and I am talking about American football.  I can smell the bourbon.  Will the Alabama Crimson Tide continue to dominate the American collegiate football scene or will a Georgia or Clemson slip up on Saban’s Red Elephants?  Will Aaron, Gurley, Marshall, and gang have enough for the UGA Dawgs to finally win another National Championship.  They came so, so very close in pulling the big upset over Alabama in last year’s SEC Championship Game!  In fact, many pundits say they UGA had the better team, especially with that defense led by two First Round linebackers, Jarvis Jones and Alec Ogletree.

z ass

Scandals, scandals, scandals.  Scandals are in the air in Washington, D. C.  Rarely do Presidential second terms turn out too good, and this is certainly true with President Barack Obama’s second term in office.  Benghazigate, IRSgate, APgate, NSAgate, etc.  Wait until the implementation of Obamacare.  This will be a complete mess, if it gets that far.  My guess is that the mid-term elections in 2014 will sweep many, many Republicans into office.  But, can the Republicans take the White House?  Don’t count out Texas’s Rick Perry…and don’t forget about Jeb Bush and his Colombian wife.  The Republicans have to be able to do something about their deficiency in attracting the Hispanic vote.  Bush-Rubio?  No, both are from Florida.  Rubio-Rice.  Hmm.  This could be interesting.

At the pool


The Brazilian real has been slipping versus the American dollar.  This is good for Americans spending money in Brazil or sending money southward.  Methinks that after the World Cup and the Olympics that the Brazilian real will slip markedly.  But, the country and its people will remain just as lovely as ever!

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Memorial Day, Presidential Scandals, and No Bourbon!

In the United States, we celebrate the fallen troops who gave their last for our freedom.  During World War II, Brazil entered onto the side of the Allied Forces by cutting off diplomatic relations with Germany, Italy, and Japan.  Brazil’s Navy and Air Force were heavily involved in the Atlantic theatre of the war from 1942 on.  Its Army fought valiantly in the Mediterranean area of the war.

Brazil lost nearly 1,000 of its citizens in World War II.

Here in the States we are witnessing a vortex of three big scandals which is plaguing the Obama Administration.  This is causing much consternation and protests from the American Citizens, especially over the apparent heavy-handed and political use of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  The IRS has been a much hated institutions for years in the U. S.  Former American President, Calvin Coolidge, called the Federal Income Tax as “legalized larceny.”  We are witnessing other scandals as well (Benghazi, Associated Press, Fast & Furious).  It is this freedom that our brave and fallen ones secured for us, viz., the right to criticize our government without fear of being retaliated against.  It is this right that causes many Americans to be totally pissed when finding out that the IRS was apparently used to target political enemies!

re bikini 2


So, in the United States, the citizens there are celebrating Memorial Day.  But, for those American Patriots who are living abroad like here in Brazil, it would much nicer if we could imbibe in a little Bourbon, the most quintessential of all American whiskies.  It is so hard to find in Brazil and other countries.  When you finally find a restaurant or bar which serves Jim Beam Bourbon, it costs an arm and a leg!  Jack Daniel is more readily available, but it’s not “Bourbon.”  All Bourbon comes out of the State of Kentucky.  It is “Tennessee Whiskey.”  There is a difference.

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Where Have We Been?

By Bubba

     Well, I have been back and forth to Brazil.  We enjoyed a Presidential campaign that sort of surprised me.  I actually thought that Romney was going to win.  I have read a lot (Grisham books are still my favorite fiction) and written a lot.  Working on a book.  Suffered through the heart-wrenching loss of my Dawgs of UGA at the last moment to Nick Satan, erh, Saban, and the Alabama Crimson Tide.  Still kicking.  Still alive.  Still grateful to a wonderful God for his wonderful creation…especially of the woman.  What did Adam say when he first laid eyes on Eve?  “Woe – Man!”

Rio girls

This looks like some Cariocas in the 1980s.

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Wanted: A Strong & Strategic International Relationship Between the United States and Brasil.

  by Bubba Hertz

   I’m heading South on January 1, 2012 to escape the cold weather, to see my lady, to enjoy the wonderful Cariocas, to spend lots of time on the beach sight-seeing, reading, and chilling, and to just enjoy the wonderful summer of Rio de Janeiro, a Cidade Maravilhosa.  I will arrive back in the U. S. of A. on the morning of February 15, 2012, the good Lord willing.  This will be my tenth visit to Brazil (or “Brasil,” as Brasileiros spell it), and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning this country, its culture, the beautiful Portuguese language, the the very loving and open people.



I think that the the United States government should look heartedly at developing a strong and strategic trading partnership and cultural exchange with this very large and diverse country with vast natural resources and human capital.  Brasil is on this up-swing and it, like the U. S. A., a proud country and a very resourceful country, but Brasil has many things by which it could profit from having a very strong international bond with the U. S. A., and the U. S. A. definitely has many areas by which it can profit from this type of relationship with Brasil.  Brasil, for one, is a energy efficient country.  Brasil produces enough oil for its own needs with much left over to export.  We have so much as far as technology and industry are concerned that we can share with the Brasileiros.  Culturally, Americans and Brasileiros have much in common, whether it is pop entertainment, sports, or religion.  We culturally have virtually nothing in common with the people of Afghanistan and very little in common with the people of Iraq, but we find ourselves entrenched in these areas of the world, amidst controversy and anger against us.  But, if the U. S. A. and Brasil could get together, this would obviate the need for us to spend billions of dollars and human lives in the far-flung regions of the Earth.

I love the U. S. A., and I also love Brasil.  Eu amo o Brasil!  Tudo bem!  (c) Butts & Hertz, 2011.

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Michigan State 36, Wisconsin 31! Did You See This, Folks?!

Yep, one of the best best college football games that I have ever seen, especially one of the best endings!  The last play of the game was unbelievable!  This is why we love college football!  The final touchdown was called on a replay!  We were pulling for the Sparties, and they upset the highly ranked Wisconsin Badgers!  MSU is on a roll!  Congratulations, Spartans!  The Hail Mary won the game.  We remember the Hail Mary that Doug Flutie threw against Miami University in 1984.  By the way, the Canes looked good against Georgia Tech today.  Coach Al Golden will turn this program around, but we hope that he does not take off for Happy Valley when Joe Pa retires.  It’s all about the U.!   (c) Butts & Hertz, 2011.

What does this photo have to do with the Michigan State-Wisconsin game?  That’s not snow on the ground, is it?

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Raising Cain in the GOP! Herman Cain is Able! Yes, We Cain!

By Ophelia Butts and Bubba Hertz

          Well, I guess you new readers now know how prescient we are in politics.  Look at our first post when we told you guys that the GOP primary voter had great affection for Herman Cain.  This was written even before his Florida Straw Poll win.  Look at  him now.  He is the veritable frontrunner among the GOP primary voters, having scored at the top in nearly a dozen polls and straw votes, including several national polls.  I guess that his supporters are saying, “Yes, We Cain!”

Is it inevitable that BAMA will win another National Champion?  Or, will the Mad Hatter of Louisiana pull something out of his hat?  The SEC still dominates college football and now has another rabid fan base with the addition of Texas A & M.  It’s all about TV and the money, baby.

We hear that Wade Starr, Jr., is now securely in the driver’s seat for running the show in embattled Clayton County, Georgia.  What is Eldrin Bell there for, if the County now has a County Manager?  What is the purpose of paying a one Commissioner well over $150,000.00 per year to be the “Chairman,” if you have a County Manager form of government?  A total waste of money.  Just our thoughts.  What say ye?

Talking at beach

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Herman Cain Is Still On A Roll!

by Ophelia Butts and Bubba Hertz

     Yep, we predicted BEFORE the Florida Straw Poll that GOP Primary voters had great affection for Herman Cain. He kicked ass in the Florida Straw Poll and just kicked more ass in the straw poll of the American Federation of Republican Women. We have been saying all along that we like Herman Cain, his story, his life, and his message. Political pundit and pollster Dick Morris has already been forecasting a strong Cain showing. Morris is probably the sharpest political pundit in the United States. But, people like Bill O’Reilly has been wanting to brush off a Herman Cain candidacy.

Well, we all know by now what happened to Herman’s Presidential campaign.  It sort of imploded.  But, he still can take a trip to Rio!

     Hey, this Chris Christie thing is interesting, but we don’t think that he will run. Way too late in the game. But, he is Vice Presidential timber. So is Herman Cain if he doesn’t win the GOP nomination.

Mitt Romney is competent and sharp. But, he needs flavor. We have been calling for Romney-Cain. We hear that Dick Morris called for the same ticket. Yes, Romney-Cain. This is a winning ticket!

The End, for now.

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